The SafeRoute iPhone app was invented and developed by GeoOasis Inc. It's sole purpose was to keep users out of high-crime neighbourhoods. Built with an iPhone front end and PostGIS/PgRouting backend.

Unfortunately, SafeRoute was forced from the Apple AppStore due to various (pending) patent infringements. In January 2012, Microsoft was awarded a patent dubbed the Avoid Ghetto GPS Patent.

App Description

SafeRoute uses statistical analysis to predict the safest path to your destination, avoiding potentially crime- and danger-prone areas.

Maybe you’re in town for business, a tourist on vacation, or just new to the city; wouldn’t you like to know you’re heading into the “wrong part of town” before you get there? With SafeRoute on your side, you’re informed before you make a wrong turn into a potentially dangerous neighbourhood. Don’t be a victim just because you didn’t know where you were going: Like a pocket-sized superhero, SafeRoute can predict your path out of danger’s way!

Other crime-related apps merely show you where a crime has occurred in the past. SafeRoute, a first-of-a-kind app, uses mathematical algorithms, based on various statistical data, to predict possible crime patterns and route you around high-risk areas, getting you where you want to be, safely.

SafeRoute can be used anywhere in the United States. Other countries will follow shortly.

This is an absolute must-have in your app toolbox! Introductory price while quantities last.

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Case Study - Los Angeles (skid row)

Like most large cities, downtown Los Angeles has a concentrated area of homelessness, poverty and crime. This skid row area consists of approximately 15 square blocks and has an informal population of about 10,000. 40% suffer from mental illness and 50% have an addiction to alchohol or drugs.

To give you an idea of what this area looks like first hand, we have included some linked screenshots to Google's Street View.

Mentally ill and Homeless People
(Street View link)

Crime Area in Downtown LA
(Street View link)

Obviously this is not an area you want to get caught in both during the day and even less so after dark. But often skid rows such as these, are only a few blocks away from sprawling shops and entertainment...

Safe Area LA Skid Row
(Street View link)

As a tourist, you have no local knowledge. Other than the one sentence blurb in your guide book, there is no way of knowing where these skid rows are located.

So how does SafeRoute help? By knowing which areas are dangerous, SafeRoute is able to give you directions around extremely dangerous areas, and gently nudge you outside of less dangerous ones.

Still skeptical? Then read on because we will demonstrate SafeRoute's capabilities against LA's notorious skid row. We will ask SafeRoute get us from Point A to point B. Point A is immediatly before you enter the worst area of downtown LA (as seen in the pictures at the beginning of this case study). Point B is positioned on the opposite side of LA's skid row.

The image below has two lines on it. The shortest route is painted in red. The route returned from SafeRoute is green.

As you can see, the conventional, shortest route, takes you right thru the worst, drug infested, Julian street. Furthermore, it actually makes a point of routing you past several more of the very dangerous downtown LA areas.

SafeRoute(green) on the other hand, diverts over to Los Angeles street in order to get you out of Skid Row as fast as possible. It knows exactly where Skid Row is located and knows how to get you to the closest safest area.

Safe and Dangerous Travel in Los Angeles

In this particular scenario the extra few blocks you had to walk would have been well worth the effort.

Case Study - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

People come to Philadelphia for many reasons including the famous Philly cheesesteak sandwhich.

Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich

On the darker side, Philadelphia has also become famous for its crime. It is a very diverse city, with many different neighborhoods. What you may not realize as a newcomer, is that Philadelphia can turn ugly in a matter of one block.

Temple University is an excellent example to illustrate this point. The main campus is located in North Philadelphia and has about 10,000 students. It is a vibrant safe environment.

Safety in University Grounds
(Street View link)

But sorrounding areas are a different story. Many neighborhoods have high unemployement, little or no education, and very low income. All of these factors lead to higher crime. Just outside of the campus, you may find general disrepair and shady characters...

Dangerous Area
(Street View link)

Or more serious gang controlled corners...

Gang and Drug Activity
(Street View link)

Assuming you want to check out The Village of Arts and Humanities between classes. This is a multifaceted arts organization north of the campus.

Using any conventional application such as the Google maps App, you will get walking directions as indicated by the red line. The green line corresponds to how SafeRoute would direct you.

Safe Travel vs Fastest Travel


There are a few key observations to take into account from the two routes above. First off, SafeRoute takes you all the way down 12th street. The conventional route would have snaked you through the many shady side streets. To put this into perspective, if you had used SafeRoute, your walk would have looked something like this. A fairly well kept street..

Safe Neighborhood


In contrast, a conventional shortest route would have landed you on this side street

Dangerous Side Street

and this gang infested corner...

Gang Bangers

So how does SafeRoute do this? By knowing ahead of time which neighborhoods are dangerous and which are safe, it is able to guide you safely to your destination. In this particular scenario, the safe distance travelled was essentially the same as the shortest route. Making SafeRoute even moreso indespensible!