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GeoOasis Inc. provides GIS consulting services to the oil and gas industries. We build web based systems that add geographic-intelligence to your business processes. Whether you need a PODS (Pipeline Open Data Standard) compatible database or a web based pipeline management application, we are here to solve your problems. Contact us anytime to discuss your needs.


Clients Testimonials

Sandy Ward
Toronto, Canada
"Ben is one of the top two developers I have worked with! He is professional, insightful, and asks very specific questions to help get to the root of the problem. Ben has provided great documents and tips to help educate our team as he builds out features for us. If you have geo questions, he would be a great choice. My biggest fear, writing this review will tell the world about him and he won't have as much time to work with us! An expert in the domain of maps and GIS. Very talented and reliable. Highly recommended!"


Brendan Clark
OgO - Life in real time.
“Excellent work, professional attitude, subject matter expertise.”